About Self Love Saturdays

What it is

The Purpose of Self Love Saturday is to create a safe place where deep listening, acceptance of individual differences, and compassion are the norm. Self Love Saturdays is a place to show up as you are, a place to be seen, heard, and understood. It’s a place where honesty, trust and openness are practiced and where being vulnerable is how we connect with one another. It’s a place where growth take place through energy healing, powerful life coaching tools and the power of the group. It’s a place where we can reflect of what most matters to us and be inspired by the greatness of others, a place where build connection, and empowers people to live a life behind their wildest dreams!  A place where we will learn to give love to ourself first and take the time to manifest our dreams. Through energy healing, powerful life coaching tools and the power of the group,we will learn to give love to ourself first, reflect on what most matters to us and take the time to manifest our dreams.

What is Not

Self Love Saturdays is not a place to gossip, badmouth partners or friends. It is designed to create intentional, forward-moving conversation and liberating ourselves from our own fears and blocks. It is not therapy or counseling. It is designed to support deep changes and a judgment free environment. 

Who is this For

Men and Women who are learning the importance of taking care of themselves, Men and Women who lack a sense of purpose and clarity in their lives, Men and Women who are in transition between who they are and who they really want to be. Men and Women who feel that something is missing in their lives and don’t know what it is, Men and Women seeking an environment of safety and support where they can be themselves. Men and Women who are ready to live a life behind their wildest dreams! 

Your Role

Your task is to show up, be present, and bring your real self forward. You do not need to pretend to be someone else or show up always looking perfect. The more vulnerable you can be, the better, it will accelerate your growth and connection with the group. Be curious about life, and honest with yourself. We ask you to be open to changes and be ready to look at things in a fresh, new way. Be flexible, and willing to learn and grow. The time you spend with the group is your time and you are worth every minute. So please be punctual to the session! 

The Commitment

The program had been designed to be followed for 5 weeks (5 consecutive Saturdays). Every week we will be focusing on a specific topic that accelerates personal growth and supports movement toward a clearly defined vision of your goals. 

Each session is design to last 2 hours and there are 5 sessions for those who wants to participate to the entire program. Because the focus of the sessions change every week, if you feel you wont be able to commit to all 5 sessions don’t worry! You can enroll for the ones that most interest you.Our Self Love Saturdays will be mainly held in Kihei area, please check the Session details to know more about each session’s venue. 

By enrolling to our Self Love Saturdays you are taking the first step toward deeper connections and dream fulfillment that so many other people have found, and continue to find, through the Self Love Saturdays coaching process. You can expect to make profound changes when committed to the very practical process of Self Love Saturdays.  You are embarking on a truly life-changing journey of self-discovery and connection that will help you turn your dreams into reality.


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